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Subsumed in an arboreal labyrinth, 62% of Peru is claimed by the caimans and pink river dolphins of the Amazon, with its rainbow of birdlife in the dense forest canopy, skulking jaguars, and fascinating indigenous tribes tucked out of sight. Snow-dusted mountains and turquouise-colored lakes, sweeping plateaus and pristine national parks. Head into the wilderness with experts—biologists, naturalists, and explorers—to experience majestic landscapes and incredible wildlife.


Discover nature’s drama amid the glacial landscapes of the Andes, the majestic rivers of the Amazon, the bird-dotted shores of Paracas, and much more.

10 DAYS FROM $ 7,230

Amazon River Voyage

12 DAYS FROM $ 3,490

From Andes to the Amazon

5 DAYS FROM $ 440

Tambopata Explorer

3 DAYS FROM $ 235

Uncover Sandoval Lake

9 DAYS FROM $ 2,645

Wild Peru Escape: Manu National Park

4 DAYS FROM $ 495

Manu Adventurer

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“Why Peru? Peru Needs No Reason, Peru Is Its Own Reason.”


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