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Our Deluxe Expeditions are premium, fully planned itineraries that provide an enriching, in-depth look at the history, culture, and natural heritage of a destination. Each is accompanied by a Natventure Expert who offers insights on the places we explore through fascinating presentations and informal discussions. The first must is Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca city hidden in the Andes Mountains, though Peru is full of intriguing destinations: the mysterious Nazca Lines, the shimmering expanse of Lake Titicaca; primordial landscapes of the Amazon; Lima, the gastronomic capital of the Americas, ¡and much more!


An Expedition Leader who curates a personalized, seamless journey, as well as knowledgeable local guides will join us along the way.

8 DAYS FROM $ 5,589

Cusco, Land of the Inca

10 DAYS FROM $ 7,230

Amazon River Voyage

12 DAYS FROM $ 3,490

From Andes to the Amazon

10 DAYS FROM $ 7,780

Land of the Incas & Amazon Cruise

“Why Peru? Peru Needs No Reason, Peru Is Its Own Reason.”


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