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If you’re a photographer planning your travels, one of the most important things is getting that perfect shot. Natventure offers a variety of ways to improve your photography skills with the guidance of our Expert photographer. All of our Photography Expeditions are designed for amateur and professional photographers of all levels interested in improving their skills.


Learn tips and techniques while exploring picturesque places in the Andes or the flora and fauna in the Amazon.

16 DAYS FROM $ 7,230

Southern Peru, the Andes & Rainforest

20 DAYS FROM $ 8,359

The Manu Road & Lowlands

“Why Peru? Peru Needs No Reason, Peru Is Its Own Reason.”


Here we bring you the newest travel trends, the most inspiring stories and the life-changing travel moments that will inspire your need for wanderlust.

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100 % tailor-made

• Your entire Expedition is designed around your requirements • Explore your interests at your own speed • Select your preferred style of accommodation • Create the perfect Expedition with the help of our specialists

The best local Guides

• Make the difference between a good Expedition and an outstanding one • Hand picked by us or our local partners as the best available • Offering more than just dates and names, they strive to offer real insight into the country

Expert Knowledge

• All our specialists have travelled extensively or lived in Peru • The same specialist will handle your Expedition from start to finish • Make the most of your time and budget

Responsible Travel

• Reduce food waste by 50% across all hotels and ships by 2025 • Eliminate as many unnecessary single use plastics from our operations and itineraries by 2022 • Source 50% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2025.